One thing I often discuss in my blog is how I think virtual land will emerge in a full-fledged way. It’s going to be big, and it’s going to be disruptive.

Today I will go over the metaverse growth explosion in the fictional land realm. What is a metaverse and why is it growing so rapidly? A metaverse is a type of virtual reality in which multiple users can interact via a 3D graphical representation of a shared world, where each user can freely move about in a digital space. The term was coined by Neal Stephenson in his 2013 novel Snow Crash, where it was used to describe the metaverse created by hackers’ group The Metaverse Corporation in San Francisco. The metaverse is a ready made representation of the internet, where virtual worlds can be customized and accessed by multiple users. The metaverse is a virtual world that allows users to interact and communicate with others from all around the world.

Summary of the situation

  • Metaversions conquer the internet in a boom of virtual real estate sales
  • Virtual worlds fuel NFT economy with huge revenue by 2021

Metaversums are now at the height of their popularity! By 2021, non-playback chips will be widely available. Everyone seems to see the huge potential of metaverse and want to benefit from the hype. From celebrities to technocrats, NFTs are the highlight of the season because they’ve engulfed every known field, from sports collectors to digital art.

Long the metaverse is a hot topic right now for crypto-currencies.

At a time when real estate is in decline worldwide, the explosive growth of the virtual reality market is taking on enormous proportions. Metaverse is raising millions of dollars in investment and exploring relatively unknown areas. Although critics label metavers as dreams of the future, there is general agreement on the investment potential that metavers unlock.

Non-playable tokens (NFT) are the heart of the Metaverse. They can drive mass sales, transform traditional sales methods and reach a broader base of digital audiences. Celebrities are discovering a whole new way to reach their fans with NFT. They attract the attention of celebrities, sports stars and the rich.

A growth explosion? Metaverse unlocks virtual real estate at a rapid pace

In the real world, real estate prices do not reflect current economic realities. Hotels are empty and offices have been sold. All of these scenarios are not credible to investors.

On the other hand, virtual land giants like Decentraland and Cryptovoxels are making incredible sales. Land prices have nearly tripled compared to the 2020 price range. By managing their currencies and economies, these meta-universes offer a glimpse of the future.

Investors, from celebrities to the wealthy, are lining up to get their hands on a piece of virtual land. Start-ups create virtual hotels. Digital stores are selling like never before. Internet properties change hands like crazy. Lovers of cryptocurrencies seem to be missing out on virtual earth at the moment.

Understanding metaverse – creating a complex virtual experience

Metaverse Experience

Think of the metaverse as the successor to today’s Internet, but with richly designed virtual worlds and AI-based interaction capabilities embedded in the physical world. This is too futuristic to fully grasp, as the possibilities of tomorrow’s virtual worlds are simply limitless.

The meta-universe of the future has enormous potential to create entire virtual economies filled with entertainment and innovation. They will affect all aspects of human life, from large industries to small professions, and may even potentially create new industries.

Here are some of the best metaverse with explanations.


Source: KryptoVoxel

Cryptovoxels, powered by Ethereum, offers one of the coolest virtual reality worlds yet. The project is ambitious, the community is diverse, and the scale is incredible. The project has recently experienced tremendous growth through the sale of virtual land.

Cryptovoxels has many aspects, as the project offers a mix of virtual reality, real estate, cryptocurrencies and futuristic digitalization. It offers a similar experience to Minecraft, but much better. Digital architects, artists, investors in virtual countries are flooding the cryptocurrency like a talent show. Speculators are taking advantage of the current metaverse craze, and Cryptovoxels serves the community well.

Decentralised and

Source : Decentralised and

The virtual world of Decentraland was perhaps the first project to give a taste of the future boom in virtual countries. This proof of concept world is based on the Ethereum blockchain and offers an innovative experience. The platform is a significant improvement over the first version, moving from a two-dimensional grid to an immersive three-dimensional virtual world.

By 2021, Decentraland is a giant blockchain-based virtual reality world where users buy, sell and trade properties, collectibles and more. The native MANA crypto-currency helps users make transactions. The landscape is filled with all kinds of buildings, cities, highways, artwork, plazas, etc. The experience is too vast to fully comprehend.

Next country

Source : Next country

NextEarth is another promising virtual world. Here the user is confronted with a complex virtual ecosystem full of a multitude of solutions. The meta village of innovation here is huge, from DeFi innovations to NFT collectibles to building your own economy.

Ownership of land remains a central tenet of NextEarth. NextEarth’s main mission is to simplify the process of buying and selling land on our planet. The project has unprecedented potential to innovate and help users gain an edge over their competitors. Early adopters will benefit from the creation of the meta-universe from the start.

Is the craze of the virtual world worth it?

Is FOMO driving the current VR craze? If the history of cryptocurrencies teaches us anything, it’s that every boom should be taken with a grain of salt, or you’ll burn your hands. Bot turns every project into a multi-million dollar opportunity. Caution is a prerequisite for any investment in NFT in 2021.

Only the future can determine the proper trajectory of the metaverse. But so far, metaverse has provided the perfect escape from reality.

Currently, most known virtual worlds are inaccessible to newcomers. Of the three projects mentioned above, only Next Earth has the potential to welcome newcomers. It remains affordable, has suitable virtual plots and promises great solutions. So the other virtual transitions on the ground may have already left the station, but Next Earth is still in control.

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