On November 27, 2016, a class action lawsuit was filed against Nano against the issue of being held up and robbed at the time of Nano being released to the public. The complaint is brought by a Nano investor who was able to make a large profit when he bought in. The plaintiff claims that the Nano project was not thought through, and that the project should have been held up until more testing could be conducted. The complaint also highlights issues with the blockchain being used to provide instant transactions, and the security of the Nano network.

The following is a summary of the events that lead up to the filing of a class action lawsuit against Nano, in which I represent the complainants. This is not an official statement of the facts, and this is not legal advice.

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700k-in-Costs-From-the-Complainant-Who-Dropped-Class-Action-Sought News

With a token bearer tossing his bag out the window. Nano’s continuing journey has taken a new twist. A long-running battle over the cryptocurrency Nano took a fresh turn this week when the project’s founders requested clearance after the aggrieved party dropped the lawsuit.

Following the withdrawal of a planned class action by a token buyer. Nano is seeking $701,000 in legal expenses and charges. Its legal team informed a federal court in California on Tuesday, according to Law360. That a portion of the accusations leveled against them were completely ridiculous.

Following the 2018 BitGrail exchange breach, Alec Otto, a token buyer, accused the Nano creators of deceit. In addition, for breaking securities laws and other offenses. As a consequence, millions of tokens have been lost. Otto’s class-action lawsuit was filed too late. At least one contribution, according to the developers, included claims that were supported by evidence.

Otto’s class participation claims were documented beyond the point of no return, according to the developers. Mr. Otto’s deposition evidence showed that he had no clue how many XRB he bought, when he purchased them, or how many were remained on BitGrail when it shuttered, according to at least one recording.

RaiBlocks Has Been Reduced To Nano

Nano’s reappearance three years ago, when it was known as RaiBlocks, has been the subject of many accusations. The Italian digital currency exchange BitGrail was stolen of 15 million XRB, the Nano network’s former native coin, on February 8, 2018.

Francesco Firano, BitGrail’s owner and administrator, requested that Nano modify its blockchain to compensate for the losses after the $150 million assaults. The Nano center improvement committee accused BitGrail of being indebted and careless in managing reserves, which led to the invasion.

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