The latest in fertility technology using bitcoin
The first commercial IVF clinic to accept Bitcoin for embryo donation and payment. The company is partnering with Boston IVF, the largest fertility center in New England’s hub of biomedical innovation. Eggschain has developed what it calls “cryptopackaging,” a custom-designed package that includes an anonymous egg donor profile, tracking information on each embryo throughout its journey from ovum to blastocyst stage (when implanted), and instructions on how families can send their own bitcoins as part of the fee. Embryos are then transferred into recipient wombs through local or international surrogates who receive Bitcoins at no cost as compensation for their time and trouble.
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The “why is cryptocurrency valuable” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question is that Bitcoin-based tracking platform Eggschain partners with Boston IVF.

Bitcoin-based tracking platform Eggschain partners with Boston IVF



The Boston IVF network of 30 reproductive clinics in the United States has announced a cooperation with the Bitcoin-based genetic data monitoring system Eggschain.

The new alliance will rely on Eggschain’s blockchain technology to monitor cryogenic frozen sperm for use in IVF and other fertility and non-fertility treatments, as well as long-term genetic data preservation. According to an Eggschain spokesman,

“Using the blockchain to monitor biospecimens like sperm and eggs empowers those who are having fertility problems.” Because of the data’s openness and immutability, this crucial collaboration allows for increased trust.”

Boston IVF is a network of reproductive clinics that specializes in IVF, genetic data storage, and endocrinology. It was founded in 1986. So far, the clinics are said to have assisted in the delivery of over 100,000 newborns. Through its authorized REI Fellowship Program, the company has also graduated more than 30 reproductive endocrinologists.

Boston IVF CEO David L. Stern expects that using blockchain technology into the company’s processes would enhance the client experience by providing “unrivaled transparency and security.”

Austin-based Eggschain is a healthcare technology firm that is developing a blockchain-based supply chain solution for the reproductive market based on Bitcoin layer-two Stacks. It manages the genome, stem cells, DNA, RNA, organs, tissues, blood, and IVF-related security via a custody management system. By registering data on its platform, it claims to minimize time in the sperm selection process across worldwide jurisdictions, safeguard high-level patient data, avoid data misfiling, and boost the transparency of overall operations.

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Eggschain has partnered with Boston IVF to join the $21.89 billion worldwide IVF industry, which is expected to grow to approximately $34 billion by 2028, according to Grand View Research.

CURE Chain and Aimedis, which use nonfungible tokens to enable patients maintain data and even give crypto prizes for adding to their profile, have benefited from blockchain technology in the healthcare business.

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