Canadian border town suspends Bitcoin mining over aesthetic concerns

In addition to its artistic value, the town’s famous border crossing also plays a role in the town’s economy, with many visitors coming to see the scenic area. Canadian residents can cross into the town free of charge, but US residents can only cross if they have a valid reason, such as a border crossing card.

After seeing the town of Kugluktuk, Nunavut, turn into a Bitcoin mining hub recently, Canadian officials are now claiming that Bitcoin mining is causing a severe aesthetic burden on the town.



Massena, a hamlet on the New York-Canadian border, has temporarily halted new Bitcoin (BTC) mining operations in the region.

Due to aesthetic concerns, Massena Town municipal authorities imposed a 90-day ban on new Bitcoin mining operations, according to a report by the Associated Press on Friday.

Miners filled the highways with trailers loaded with computers and other gear needed to mine Bitcoin, according to Steve O’Shaughnessy, a Massena Town supervisor. According to the AP story, O’Shaughnessy told WWNY-TV, “

“We don’t want it to be cluttered with Bitcoin-producing trailers. We simply want to make sure that if people come here, it’s a beautiful, attractive structure.”

The 90-day ban will allegedly be used by city authorities to clear roadsides in Massena Town of trailers and cargo containers that have been relocated off-road.

Meanwhile, Massena Electric is said to be in talks with three cryptocurrency companies. The electricity provider, according to the AP News article, has its own ban on cooperating with new crypto miners.

Four Bitcoin miners in North America who may profit from the East-West shift

After a decade of manufacturing job losses in tiny border communities throughout North America, Bitcoin and crypto mining companies offer a return of some industrial activity to areas like Massena.

Cheap energy is frequently a significant attraction for Bitcoin miners in these regions, and in exchange, these businesses promise employment and help to kickstart the local economy.

Indeed, with China’s huge crypto-mining crackdown and the anticipated East-to-West hash rate movement, these smaller North American cities may see an increase in Bitcoin mining activity.

Meanwhile, despite the current hash rate decrease, the main North American Bitcoin mining companies continue to expand their capacity in order to grab a bigger share of the market.

Controlling a greater portion of the worldwide hash rate distribution by North American Bitcoin miners may also help the business gain favor with authorities, particularly in the area of environmental protection.

The small town of Surrey, Canada, recently became home to the world’s first Bitcoin mining facility, making it one of the few places in the world where bitcoins are actually real. While the mining operation isn’t exactly illegal—the miners actually earn bitcoins for providing their electricity and equipment to the facility—the town’s mayor, Linda Hepner, says the town can’t handle the extra traffic generated by so many bitcoin miners and their accompanying equipment. (It’s worth noting that the community of miners is actually quite small, and it’s likely that most miners will simply move to another city once the Surrey operation gets up and running.). Read more about is bitcoin mining legal in canada and let us know what you think.

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