The world of crypto has been exploding, with a variety of new currencies launching every day. One currency that is gaining traction within the ecosystem is Cultos Coin (CXT). In other words, this cryptocurrency will reward its followers for sharing their personal data to help brands grow and expand their audiences.

The “founders capital” is a company that is revolutionizing how brands create and grow audiences of fans through crypto rewards. The company has already raised $30 million in funding.

Cultos Launches to Revolutionize How Brands Create & Grow Audiences of Fans Through Crypto Rewards



The 16th of December, 2021, in Toronto, Canada, Chainwire

Web3 receives $3.4 million in funding to help build a platform that allows brands to reward customers for social media engagement with community tokens and exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Cultos is launching to change the way businesses establish and grow online audiences of followers. Cultos is the first platform that allows businesses to use cryptocurrency to turn current consumers into active, engaged, and powerful ambassadors.

Despite the fact that social media has become the most popular means for businesses to establish and engage with audiences, most businesses do not successfully use the power of their following. Friends and family recommendations are substantially more influential than conventional advertising or internet influencers, according to studies. Cultos enables companies to develop token economies that give incentives that transform generally passive online followers into highly driven nano-influencers, providing a powerful new option for any firm to harness this untapped potential.

From crypto projects to consumer items to singers and films, online fan discovery and promotions have become crucial to marketing tactics across sectors. The Cultos platform is the first digital ecosystem to match incentives between firms and their social media followers by awarding users with community tokens and exclusive NFTs in exchange for their support.

Cultos community tokens are intended to reward supporters as the businesses grow. Early fans of budding businesses are rewarded for liking, sharing, and blogging about them on social media. For example, when Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X got ubiquitous online owing to SoundCloud and TikTok followers, those people would have been compensated as the musicians’ fame expanded.

“While social media is undoubtedly important for building brands, most businesses struggle to convert inactive followers into active and engaged consumers who are willing to go above and beyond to assist the brand flourish.” “Cultos is the answer,” said Andrew Yang, the company’s creator. “We recognize that regular fans, not just influencers with millions of followers, are the ones who drive true growth for companies, which is why Cultos gives them the power back.”

Anyone can join up with Cultos and start earning bitcoin rewards from their favorite companies. Users link their social accounts after completing a quick registration procedure and instantly begin earning incentives when they interact with brands online. Users are instantly given a custodian wallet and may pay for NFTs using reward tokens or a credit card, eliminating the need to set up additional wallets or purchase more tokens. Cultos also allows users to trade their community tokens for cash or other cryptocurrencies at any moment.

Cultos and its parent firm Authenticiti also announced a $3.4 million fundraising round to support the platform’s development as it plans to launch its CULT coin early next year. The CULT token will be a key component of the Cultos exchange, which will allow users to trade community tokens, buy NFTs, and cash out.

Cultos is a term that refers to a group of people that are

Cultos transforms the way businesses generate and grow engaged fan bases. Cultos enables any business turn current consumers into active, engaged, and powerful ambassadors as the first platform that allows corporations to develop token economies for their supporters. Visit or follow Cultos on Instagram for additional information.


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The “circle capital group” is a company that has launched to revolutionize how brands create and grow audiences of fans through crypto rewards.

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