This week Dash Treasury was added to the Curve Finance platform, making Dash available to European customers. The Curve Finance platform is a rapidly growing finance platform that provides a range of services for individuals, investors, and businesses. Dash Treasury is one of the first of many features that will be added to Curve Finance in the future.

I have been looking forward to this for years since I first heard about it on /r/crypto, the Dash community and the DASH community were the only ones to offer the Euro for the Dash in the beginning, then it was the only Euro-to-Dash exchange. Now, several other exchanges offer this. Even though I am not complaining, it is still nice to have a massive list of exchanges to choose from.

Another week has passed, and Curve Finance has added Euro as a secondary currency. This is an upcoming success story for the Dash community. If you want to learn more about it, please check out this blog post:

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Curve-Finance-Added-Euro-as-Secondary-Currency News from the Exchange

  • Following customer requests, Curve Finance introduced the Euro as an alternative currency option.
  • The Curve is a market maker that specializes in swaps between similar assets.
  • A governance proposal was also approved, allowing the CRV token to be used to reward the liquidity providers in the pool.

Following user requests, Curve Finance announced the addition of the Euro as an alternative currency choice.

In DeFi, Curve Finance supports euro stablecoins.

Stablecoin exchange that is decentralized On the Synthetic derivative platform, Curve Finance offers a liquidity pool for switching between a synthetic euro (sEUR) and a Stasis Euro (EURS) stablecoin.

The EUR pool ( $EURS / $SEUR ) is now available! Switching between @stasisnet assets (which function nicely with Euro bank accounts) and @synthetix io assets is possible (bridged to crypto world)

December 20, 2020 — Curve Finance (@CurveFinance)

Curve is also the fourth-largest DEX by volume. Curve is a market maker that specializes in swaps between similar assets. Furthermore, the stablecoin market is dominated by USD-denominated money. 

As a result, European and Asian consumers have little choice but to take on some USD risk. Curve also thinks that the new pool will help the platform grow euro markets.

It will also assess demand in more Ethereum currency choices and, in the end, serve as a first step toward the establishment of foreign exchange markets. A governance proposal was approved, allowing the Curve DAO’s token, CRV, to be used to reward liquidity providers in the pool. 

In August, a community member launched the platform’s governance token and contract prematurely. Curve was one of ten new members to join Huobi’s Global DeFi Alliance the following month.

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Curve Finance, a company that specializes in cryptocurrency loans, has announced that it has added the Euro as a secondary currency to its current offering of US Dollar-based loans. This is a move made to meet demand for the company’s services from European borrowers, and will now give them the opportunity to buy an alternative currency while still being able to borrow in their own currency.. Read more about stasis euro adalah and let us know what you think.

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