In a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, Nobel Prize winner Angus Deaton and David Hogan discussed the legal implications of XRP. The two economists also discussed how their opinions on Bitcoin have changed since they first wrote about it in 2015.

The xrp vs sec is a discussion that has been taking place for a while. It was brought up by Ripple Labs and XRP investors.


(CryptoLaw) Over the weekend, CryptoLaw founder John E. Deaton and “Legal Briefs” presenter Jeremy Hogan went on YouTuber crypto Eri’s channel for the first time to address the Securities and Exchange Commission’s growing difficulties after its December lawsuit against the tech firm Ripple.

Deaton is the petitioner in a Writ of Mandamus filed on behalf of XRP holders in the United States District Court in Rhode Island on January 1, 2021. Deaton detailed his legal action on the program, which was prompted by the SEC’s claim that all XRP tokens are “illegal securities,” even those owned by him and others who did not buy the cryptocurrency thinking it was a security. Deaton said that his legal action aims to have the SEC exclude any XRP stored in retail investors’ digital wallets from Ripple’s case.

Deaton stated that if he wanted to launch a class action lawsuit on behalf of XRP investors, he’d have to give the SEC six months’ notice. However, because exchanges started delisting XRP shortly after the SEC filed its complaint in December, Deaton used a Writ of Mandamus to act more swiftly.

Deaton also said that his legal company has created an online form for any interested XRP holders to complete out and submit to his team in order to be kept up to date on any future actions he would take in a class action lawsuit.

Here’s where you can see the whole show.

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