The Ethos Universal Wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that offers users the ability to store, send, and receive their coins in an easy-to-use interface. The wallet also comes with its own blockchain explorer and rewards program.

The Ethos wallet review: A Universal Wallet for Crypto is a review of the Ethos wallet. It discusses how it is a universal and easy to use wallet that can be used for cryptocurrency. Read more in detail here: universal wallet, crypto.

Every time you consider getting into this “crypto” thing you keep hearing about, you’re put off by the levels of complexity involved, from obtaining these elusive virtual tokens from strange sounding exchanges (what exactly is “Coinbase” supposed to mean anyway?) to the hassle of safely storing them, often by scribbling gibberish on a piece of paper you’re supposed to keep track of (Well on second thoughts, perhaps not with your life). That’s before you ever consider utilizing them, which involves a whole other set of complexity such as public keys, private keys, creating addresses, and so on.

So, it seems that you’ve finally struck it rich.

Ethos, a new wallet that promises to bring the whole crypto ecosystem under one metaphorical roof, has recently launched. Even better, as a smartphone app, it puts the crypto world at your fingertips, allowing you to do anything from transfer coins to monitor their whereabouts with a single tap. It’s all ready to accomplish much more with a dozen more features on the way.

The Smartwallet is a device that allows you to keep track of

The smartwallet, which is at the heart of the Ethos software, is a multi-crypto ‘hot’ wallet that claims to keep your money — or rather, the addresses to them – safe while making transactions simple. The wallet, which promises unrivaled security and a sleek user interface, supports a wide range of currencies from various blockchains, with more being added every day to bring it closer to the ‘Universal’ moniker it claims.


When a new wallet is released, the first thing that people ask is, “How secure is my wallet?”

And, unfortunately, the most common response is, “Not much at all.” Even Jaxx, by far the most popular kid on the block, has several significant security vulnerabilities that call into question its claim to be the crypto enthusiast’s go-to choice. In such a situation, it is generally recommended not to store a significant amount of coins on these “hot” wallets, instead opting for safer hardware alternatives like as Trezor or Ledger Nano.

Ethos, on the other hand, seems to be about to alter everything. The Ethos smartwallet has gone to great lengths to ensure the protection of your digital assets, with security measures ranging from a 256-bit seed to biometric identification.

The Smartkey is a one-of-a-kind

Everything was OK at first. There was only one bitcoin, and all you had to do was scribble down its private key on a piece of paper and stow it away in a safe. Then there was Ethereum. And there’s Ripple. And there’s Litecoin. Coins began to appear out of nowhere quicker than you could say “Jack Robinson,” and you quickly ran out of paper to record all of the keys.

Then someone came up with the concept of HD, which stands for Hierarchical Deterministic. Essentially, the idea is to generate a huge (practically infinite) number of public keys and addresses for various currencies and blockchains from a single beginning ‘seed,’ thereby compressing all of those addresses into a single key. This key may then be used to replicate the identical addresses on a different platform, giving users access to their money on any device without having to send the key to a server.

This is implemented in the Ethos smartwallet as the SmartKey, a 24-word sequence produced by the user’s random movements during account setup, ensuring a unique set of addresses for each. This mnemonic phrase also serves as a failsafe method of gaining access to the account in the event that the phone is destroyed, and as such should be carefully guarded by the user alone, serving as a secret ‘key’ to that person’s crypto vault.

Or, as a crypto-obsessed Sauron would put it,

“One key to govern them all, one key to locate them; one key to gather them all together and tie them in the darkness.” In the crypto-land, where encryption is hidden.”


 Keyboard (Virtual)


Hackers may install malicious code that keylogs your activities, recording both the mnemonic phrase and the PIN, possibly siphoning away all of your money elsewhere, as has been shown with numerous wallets in the past. To counteract this, the Ethos app utilizes a virtual keyboard to enter such sensitive information, ensuring that it is not intercepted by malicious actors.

Authentication on two levels


While every crypto wallet requires a PIN for access, Ethos goes a step further by requiring biometric verification, guaranteeing that your wallet never falls into the wrong hands.

NOTE: Currently, the Ethos app does not immediately logout the user if left unattended, allowing anybody to log in once the user has logged in once. While the Ethos team is working on a remedy for the next version, for the time being, it’s important to remember to log out manually after you’re finished.

While Ethos may be the most secure cryptocurrency wallet available, it’s important to realize that it’s simply another piece of technology that’s just as safe as the person who has it. Even if the app is secured against advanced technological assaults, it will not protect you against an unskilled robber who just wants to beat you into telling the truth: the traditional $5 wrench attack.

Getting the Smartwallet up and running


1st step It’s extremely simple to get started with Ethos. Because it is a mobile application, all you have to do is download it from your preferred store (Google Play for Android users, App Store for iOS users) and install it. When you execute it, you should see a login screen.

Screenshot 2018 07 17 14 04 02 803 io.ethos .universalwallet

Step 2 Sign up for Ethos and look for the verification email in your inbox. After the procedure is finished, you may log in and start building your own smartwallet.

Screenshot 2018 07 17 14 09 52 357 io.ethos .universalwallet

3rd step When you choose ‘Add New,’ you will be presented with an option between the Smartwallet and the Watchfolio modes of the Ethos Universal app. For the time being, go with the Smartwallet.

Screenshot 2018 07 17 14 10 26 489 io.ethos .universalwallet

4th step The software will next prompt you to name your wallet. You don’t have to be too precise since you may always alter it afterwards.

Screenshot 2018 07 17 14 12 34 709 io.ethos .universalwallet

Step 5 Now comes the fun part: you must shake your phone in order to get a genuinely random seed for yourself. So, shake it like it’s your life on the line!

Screenshot 2018 07 19 03 52 19 999 io.ethos .universalwallet

Step 6 Once the procedure is complete (which should only take a few minutes), you will be given a numbered list of 24 words, which you will be given 6 at a time. This is the mnemonic phrase for your wallet, so make sure you write down all of the words in the proper sequence.

Screenshot 2018 07 19 03 53 07 813 io.ethos .universalwallet

7th step Ethos will ask you to input three of the terms once you’ve written them down to ensure that you’ve completed the task correctly. After you pass this test, the app will ask you to choose a four-digit or higher PIN that will be used to encrypt your previously created smartkey as well as your wallet password.

Screenshot 2018 07 19 03 55 23 665 io.ethos .universalwallet

8th step That concludes our discussion. You’ve made your very own Smartwallet. To watch those beautiful logos fill up all that empty space, load it up with some money next to it. Please wait a moment. Didn’t I ever tell you how to get coins?

Please follow me to the next part!

Screenshot 2018 07 19 03 56 53 463 io.ethos .universalwallet


Coins arriving in your Smartwallet


It’s all well and good to build a highly safe crypto wallet, but what good is it if there’s nothing in it? So, let’s address this obvious flaw.

Tap ‘Add Coin’ from inside your Smartwallet. A list of currencies and tokens will be given to you. Select the currency you wish to add, and it will appear in your wallet on its own. But you’re not finished yet! Select ‘Transact’ after tapping on the coin one again.

This is when things get a bit complicated. Receiving coins into a wallet necessitates sending the wallet’s public key – a dense alphanumeric string of text that the sender of money must replicate precisely. Most wallets, including Ethos, utilize QR codes to make this as easy as possible. As a result, there’s a small QR code symbol labeled ‘Send/Receive’ in the bottom right corner.

Tap on the symbol, then on the coin you’d want to trade. Select ‘Receive’ from the overlay. You’ll be given a QR code that symbolizes your address; scan it with another wallet or cryptocurrency exchange to send money to it. Congratulations! Your wallet has finally received some (digital) money!

If you’re impatient to transfer these freshly obtained coins (maybe to make a payment? ), repeat the procedures above, making sure to click “Send.” Instead of being given a QR code, you’d be asked to scan one or manually input it. Because giving money is riskier than getting it, the app will use your biometrics and PIN to authenticate your identity before completing the transaction.

The most time-consuming aspect of investing in cryptocurrencies has to be monitoring – you must manually keep track of every coin you own in your various addresses, remember the price points at which you purchased them, and sift through the numerous exchanges trading them before you can get a sense of where your investments are headed.

That is no longer the case.

The Ethos Watchfolio allows you to add any coin you ostensibly own (even if you don’t actually own one – useful for just checking out the market) and specify its entry price-point to track its relevant statistics and changes in real-time, aided by easy-to-understand charts and graphs for those who prefer to see things visually. The good news is that you can even add money from your cold storage to keep track of their value without having to bring them out into the great scary world. Yes, since the Ethos smartwallet’s ultimate goal is to allow you to trade cryptocurrencies directly from the app, you’ll be able to sell that trendy item before it goes out of style.


Putting the Ethos Watchfolio to the test


Follow the first few steps in the Smartwallet section until you get to the point when you have to choose between the Smartwallet and the Watchfolio; this time, choose the Watchfolio.

Screenshot 2018 07 17 14 10 26 489 io.ethos .universalwallet

You will be directed to your Watchfolio right immediately, since, unlike a Smartwallet, a Watchfolio is just a hypothetical collection of coins, not a physical storage location for them, and therefore does not need any security checks. To get a coin added to your Watchfolio for automated monitoring of its destiny in the market, go to the coin of your choosing (maybe the one you have cooling back in your cold storage? ), and choose the amount, price, and date of your transaction. You may also make a Wishlist to evaluate the performance of several new currencies before deciding whether or not to purchase them.

Profiles of Coins

The Watchfolio isn’t very fascinating on its own. When used in conjunction with the Ethos Universal Wallet’s in-app coin profiles, the functionality really shines. Ethos keeps track of crucial marketing data for each supported currency, as well as giving a brief history and user-submitted reviews. Even more helpful are the many types of charts, which show the coin’s shifting fortunes over hours, days, weeks, or even years in an easy-to-understand manner, enabling you to make informed investment choices without having to scour the internet.


The Ethos global wallet, like any other new software, is still testing the waters, ironing out problems and gauging the market before unleashing its major weapons. Many things are still in the works for this bright champion of change, which is positioned as a crypto ecosystem rather than simply a wallet.





“In no way is the Ethos Airdrop Program an inducement.”

That’s correct. The Ethos men are paragons of morality, unaffected by the baser impulses that plague us mere humans… Anyway, the bottom line is that Ethos has partnered with a number of lesser-known tokens that will be airdropped (i.e. given away for free!) in the near future. The precise circumstances surrounding the event are still unknown; it was previously assumed that only pre-registered users of the wallet would be eligible, but Ethos has emphasized that new users would be allowed to participate as well, but the full details are still unknown. So download the app, create an account, and cross your fingers that some money will fall into your lap.


Personalized Crypto Domains

Imagine having to type 2001:4860:4860::8888 into Google every time you wanted to look anything up. Isn’t it tedious? Yet that is precisely how blockchain works right now, with each person’s account represented by a jumble of nonsense like mwkXG8NnB2snbqWTcpNiK6qqGHm1LebHDc, making it difficult to remember or deal with.

Fill in the Verified Wallet Domains field. Verified Wallet Domains would enable you to reserve your place on the blockchain by providing your wallet a unique, readable name, enabling you to make and receive payments without having to fiddle with cumbersome text and numbers. It has the potential to finally pull major brands into the crypto economy, igniting unprecedented growth and interest in virtual currencies. Of course, you may use it to covertly pay for that can of beer you snuck in under your father’s nose; after all, no one can verify those pennies came from you, can they?


Keeping Things Cold

The inability of crypto wallets to keep money offline has been a recurring thorn in their sides, exposing the user’s entire assets to assaults by unscrupulous hackers. This has hindered wallet acceptance and widespread usage, pushing users to resort to secure, though clumsy, alternatives such as hardware wallets or old-fashioned paper, which are not accessible through the internet.

Ethos, on the other hand, has made it clear from the start that it intends to make hardware wallets obsolete. The creators of Ethos describe it as a “micro ledger in the sky,” which makes it seem as some kind of offline storage facility for its users’ private keys, with just the transaction signing process accessible to the network. If correctly developed, Ethos has the potential to dethrone every other wallet on the market, hardware or otherwise, and establish itself as the de-facto wallet of choice for all cryptocurrency holders.


Fiat Gateway (Fiat)

Many people (including myself) were upset when the Ethos Universal Wallet debuted without this functionality, which was perhaps the most anticipated aspect of the software. A Fiat gateway, in essence, allows a user to swap digital assets for conventional, ‘fiat’ currencies and vice versa, allowing you to purchase your favorite coins with your credit card or sell off your surplus reserves to profit from a bull run right from the app. As easy as this seems, the function is difficult to implement, needing a slew of licenses and permissions in addition to technical shenanigans; as a result, major crypto exchanges are the only ones that provide it, and they charge a premium for it.

However, if the bugs are ironed out, the breakthrough will have far-reaching implications, bringing the conventional and digital markets closer together than ever before. This would not only destroy the business of exchanges like Coinbase, which currently have a monopoly on cryptocurrency transactions, but it would also redefine payments by using cryptocurrency as a medium of transmission that transcends regulations and national borders, rendering services like Paypal, which charge exorbitant fees, obsolete.

Maybe you can see why I call this feature “The Giant Killer” now.



Ethos can only do so much on his own. To be the game changer it aspires to be, the Ethos Wallet aims to collaborate with services from throughout the financial sector, bringing cryptocurrency out of its specialty to have a global effect.



pasted image 0

The Ethos project’s ultimate goal is to remove the obstacles that prevent cryptocurrencies from being regarded a viable alternative to fiat money. Whereas one arm of this is charged with making it easy to hold and trade in cryptocurrencies, the other is tasked with giving digital assets a degree of stability and security, bringing them up to par with conventional financial instruments.

Fusion Financial is the other half of the company, and it’s aiming to combine securities and cryptocurrencies into an unified investing market. Fusion, an SEC-regulated automated investing program, uses a hybrid investment strategy that combines conventional equities with high-performing cryptocurrencies. Earlier, there were concerns about its capacity to provide a consistent experience throughout the fragmented cryptocurrency sector, but the introduction of the Ethos Universal Wallet and everything that it includes has allayed those concerns. It’s not impossible to imagine a day in the not-too-distant future when one might switch their investment from a failing security to digital gold — all from inside the Ethos app.





pasted image 0 13

Despite its claims of limitless liquidity and freedom, a cryptocurrency is really very difficult to use, limiting it to a curiosity held in the wallets of a few nerds and geeks. To encourage widespread use of cryptos, it is essential to integrate them into the realm of modest, daily transactions that characterize everyday life. Ethos has established a collaboration with Payroc, a well-known merchant payment solutions provider that handles payment gateways for both small and large companies. Ethos gets the option to provide direct and hassle-free crypto payments to merchants by integrating with the Payroc ecosystem, further encouraging consumers and sellers to use cryptocurrency. When you examine its other efforts, such as Verified Wallet Domains, you can’t help but believe that cryptos are about to explode in the business sector.



Predictions in technology are frequently considered to be dangerous. However, there are instances when a product is supported by so much innovation that it’s practically pointless to try to disprove its superiority. The Ethos Universal Wallet is one such example, where even a quick examination of its features shows a mature, well-designed ecosystem with enormous potential. There’s no reason not to consider Ethos a gamechanger in the cryptocurrency industry, one that has the potential to alter the current quo for the better.

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DISCLAIMER: The activity of the cryptoassets discussed in this paper is uncontrolled. This post is not intended to provide financial advice. Always do independent research.


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The ethos wallet was hacked and the funds were stolen.

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