In a world of digital collectibles, let’s pay homage to one of the most well-known artists in history: Yayoi Kusama. The artist has just released a new collection on CryptoKitties that includes 11 NFT kusamas!

The “nfts art” is a new collection of artwork that has been made available on the blockchain. The collection features Kusama’s iconic works, and other artists from around the world.

Exploring Kusama Kings, Kusama's majestic new NFT collection |


In an exclusive interview with, the Kusama Kings founders discuss the challenges of minting NFTs, how to maximize Kusama’s potential, and the particularly strong community relationship that NFTs may foster.

Kusama, singularity, and reducing the entrance barrier

Kusama, Polkadot’s more anarchic cousin, has been a proving ground for a slew of inventive dApps, but it wasn’t until late 2021 that it truly took off as a go-to platform for NFTs. Singular, the first marketplace to provide Kusama-native NFTs, has exploded in popularity this year, hosting a spate of massively successful NFT collections.

However, the most recent Singular hit is one-of-a-kind.

Kusama Kings, a limited-edition NFT collection, is an excellent illustration of how decreasing the entrance barrier to DeFi helps the whole business.

Kusama King 033#033 Kusama King (Source: Singular)

The Kusama Kings collection was created by RD Studios, a relatively newcomer to the business. The pseudonymous cousins worked in conventional banking and art until last year, when the approaching epidemic compelled them to investigate cryptocurrency. When Kusamabinladen, a 29-year-old British native, first joined crypto in 2017, he had his baptism by fire. A year later, he experienced the same fate as many of his contemporaries when the stock market crashed, forcing him back into conventional banking.

“When COVID-19 hit, I went all in and haven’t looked back since,” he said in an interview.

While on vacation in Kyrgyzstan this autumn, he conceived the idea for the Kusama Kings line. Despite his lack of experience with NFTs, he and his partner were able to launch the full collection in only two weeks. It’s all owing to Singularity, according to KBL.

“It’s impossible for me to express how simple it is. “When I initially came on the site, this was what blew me away,” he stated. “I think they will go on to be the leader in the field because of the UI and simplicity of procedure they have established.”

NFTs have a unique philosophy.

The low entrance barrier to Singularity, made possible by Kusama’s innovative design, is particularly advantageous to artists like Rachel. She had no involvement with the business until this September, when the concept for Kusama KIngs was originally pitched to her as the second half of the RD Studios team.

“NFTs provide a tremendous potential for artists,” she remarked, alluding to Singular’s marketplace. “Artists now have a way to have complete creative control over their work while possibly earning significantly more than they might via conventional techniques of selling art.”

The simplicity of use that platforms like Singular provide level the playing field for artists, enabling anybody to coin an NFT for pennies on the dollar. She went on to say that once artists are exposed to the realm of cryptocurrency, they blur the barriers between the art and financial industries.

Kusama King #019 - Sea KingSea King (Kusama King #019 – Kusama King #019 – Kusama King #019 (Source: Singular)

Despite the fact that the mainstream media commonly refers to NFTs as a bubble, KBL feels there’s a lot more to them than merely flipping for profit. He said that an NFT is a blend of art and utility, and that having utility implies having endless potential.

“Why purchase art when you can have art that serves you indefinitely?” It’s just so interesting to me, and it’s an area where we’ll continue to attempt to develop.”

Early next year, the Kusama Kingdom brand will introduce a new collection, and real-world events for King holders will be held, as well as a pop-up physical NFT exhibition in London. He doesn’t rule out the possibility of issuing King tokens in the future, but says it will take a lot of time and work to get the mechanics and tokenomics correct so that the tokens don’t become a gimmick.

Kusama King 051Alien King (Kusama King #051) (Source: Singular)

In the interim, the pair will concentrate on leveraging the Kusama Kings brand to provide access to presales and seed rounds of projects that aren’t available to the general public to individuals who have King NFTs.

“I believe this will be a significant driver of utility in addition to what we now provide, since it will imply that the Kings will eventually pay for themselves for the early investors.”

DAOs are another endeavor on which the two will work. Kusama Kings will become a House on the RomeDAO Finance platform, a new Ohm-fork on the Moonriver network, according to KBL. The rebase protocol aspires to be the reserve currency for both Polkadot (DOT) and Kusama (KSM), making it a natural fit for the Kings community.

“Given that the majority of our members are optimistic on the ecosystem, we wanted to fully support this effort.” We have amassed over 1% of the supply in order to apply for a home, which will let us to actively engage in the project’s governance and seek for funding from their treasury.”

And it’s not only funding they’re looking for; according to KBL, being a House on RomeDAO will be a terrific way for the community to unite. They want to release an NFT series that can be redeemed for real-world merchandise, with proceeds going to the Kings’ treasury to fund future events.

A devoted community with a family atmosphere

Kusama Kings, the third-highest volume collection on Singular, has raised over 900 KSM in less than seven weeks since its introduction. At press time, the Legendary Alien King, the rarest of the 110 Kings created, sold for a record 46 KSM ($15,500).

None of this, on the other hand, reached the KBL in the same way that the Kings community did. With just 110 NFTs available, a close-knit community formed around the Kings in the official Discord conversation, which swiftly transformed from a notification channel to a family-like gathering.

“‘The Great Hall,’ in my opinion, is the nicest portion.”

The Discord’s private section contains a variety of channels, including games, launchpads, DAOs, and crowdloans, and is a place where people holding Kings may discuss about anything.

“It’s one of the greatest crypto communities I’ve seen, with everyone from veteran venture capitalists to relative newbies seeking assistance.”

Because of the collection’s modest size, everyone knows each other and feels comfortable reaching out to them, he said. Holders of the King have direct access to the project’s developers, allowing them to remain up to date on the project’s present condition and future plans.

“You don’t get this with collections of over 10,000 items, and I think it’s a refreshing departure.”

“I often see individuals seeing others with KSM and other tokens if they’re low on finances and need anything sniped while they wait.” There has never been such a high degree of trust. That is what distinguishes a JPEG from an NFT for me.”

The CEO is the proud owner of a Kusama King.



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