After a successful launch in Q3, Formation is thrilled to announce its first Early Adoption Program (EAP). The EAP will offer $form holders access to the $FORM rewards program, which includes the opportunity to earn up to 100 $FORMs every day through a loyal voting program. Also included are opportunities to collect, vote, and earn from our Social Club events.

The Dash Treasury Extension is a feature available to anyone who holds a Dash Wallet at In the treasury extension, you can create credits on the blockchain and earn up to a 1% return. This means you can earn more by holding your Dash, rather than selling it.

Today we released a new feature that will help you save money on your wallet: a custom rewards wallet. The wallet, to be known as “Juicy Rewards”, is a rewards wallet that can be accessed via the wallet settings, and through the Juicy app. To start using the rewards wallet, you just need to setup your account with $FORM.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 3. July 2021,

Formation Fi, the DeFi’s flagship project developing the next generation of protocols on farms, is pleased to announce the launch of an early application program.

After a very successful and well-attended pre-sale, followed by an IDO on major decentralized platforms, $FORM token holders are gearing up for some juicy new rewards.

Because we want to encourage organic growth in the ecosystem by making distribution as equitable as possible, we have launched an early adoption program to ensure that all of our $FORM holders are covered for the launch of ALPHA v1. As promised, delivery of ALPHA v1 is still scheduled for the third quarter.

We’ve already started phase one. The first photo was taken from July 1 at 18:00 UTC to July 4 at 18:00 UTC. Once you are logged into the app, we take a snapshot and you can indicate your skill level and status. Remember, the initial intake period is only three days. After that time, you are no longer eligible for the early adoption program.

The second and final registration will take place on the 31st. July at 18:00 UTC – 3. August at 18:00 UTC. This is the last snapshot. If your FORM assets have changed since the initial snapshot, for example. B. is doubled or tripled, you can increase your TIER. However, if your FORM skills have dropped below the basic level you brought to the first snapshot since the first snapshot, you will not be eligible for the final snapshot.

Here are the rules for your qualification to TIER status with multiplier + autostake & composition.

4 levels (limited number of places)

  • You must have $FORM tokens (ERC20 or BEP20).
  • Only wallets with a certain number of tokens stored or deployed in the wallet can participate in the program.
  • All LP chips placed in our pancake or alpaca pool will be settled (no need to unwind positions, enjoy staking).
  • $FORM Silver : Hold 2,500-9,999 FORM
  • $FORM Gold : Hold 10,000-34,999 FORM
  • $FORM Diamond : Keep 35,000+ FORM
  • $FORM Black : Possession of more than 50,000 forms

Important remarks:

  • Make sure you have enough FORM chips to at least qualify for the Silver level.
  • You can look at the other levels and see how many additional FORMs are required for the upgrade.
  • An upgrade is possible in the second snapshot, but only if you have already qualified in the first snapshot.


  • A total of 6 MILLION FORMULA (only) will be distributed to our early level cardholders.
  • All early level holders will have immediate access to the dark pool’s restricted liquidity pools.
  • All early level owners will be eligible for an airdrop from our partner projects as soon as it is announced.
  • All Early Level holders can earn an additional annual return on ALPHA V1 thanks to a special multiplier available only to Early Level holders.

Formation Fi’s $FORM is a triple-use token that provides revenue sharing and management and supports the growth of the DeFi ecosystem by leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to identify and fund the most promising projects. The token powers our ecosystem created to unlock smart yield 2.0 agriculture, enabling and encouraging community engagement for effective yield management and sharing. The token is designed to reward the long-term interests of key players and demotivate short-term speculators.

About FiTraining

Formation Fiis a DeFi project that seeks to take agriculture to the next level by applying a risk parity strategy developed by billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio for the stock markets. Formation Fi’s mining protocol spreads risk across multiple uncorrelated assets in the crypto space. The protocol is channel independent, community oriented and designed for long-term success.

Be on the lookout for more information and follow us on :






Formation Foundation has announced that it will begin rewarding $FORM holders with a $2 every time a $FORM is used to purchase a cryptocurrency listed on the creation platform. This is part of the company’s efforts to maintain a healthy ecosystem for the $FORM token and is expected to help the $FORM token retain its value.. Read more about unifi staking and let us know what you think.

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