Following the success of other cryptocurrency-specific debit cards, this week Globalid launched the XRP Mastercard, the first-ever community-specific debit card.

Yesterday, Globalid announced the launch of their community-specific XRP Mastercard. This community-specific card, which is for XRP holders only, acts as an alternative to the ordinary Mastercard, offering slightly different benefits and features.

Globalid, a community-based blockchain startup that has partnered with the Dash Treasury, has launched its first-ever debit card. The Globalid card is specifically designed for cryptocurrency users. Cardholders have the potential to earn a portion of their spending in XRP, which is a real-world asset, as well as in Dash, which is a cryptocurrency. Once the card is activated, cardholders will begin earning XRP and Dash daily via affiliate rewards, as well as earn $5-10 in spending reward in both XRP and Dash every month. Card consumers will be able to use their card anywhere Mastercard is accepted, and will be able to pay for goods and services using their XRP, Dash, and fiat currency balances.

XRP Army currently has an XRP Mastercard thanks to the collaboration of many businesses.

The XRP Mastercard has been launched.

Globalid has introduced the XRP Mastercard-Debit card. A Globalid [UUID or GUID] is a Universally or Globally Unique Indentifier. The card is powered by Uphold, a cryptocurrency exchange, and is backed by Mastercard, the world’s largest payment processor.

The newly launched product, only available to US residents at the moment, could be used anywhere Mastercard is used. The deposits could be made through bank accounts or crypto wallets and the card will allow users to use more than 50 currencies-encompasses both digitals and fiats.


According to a member of the Globalid leadership team, the card is now only accessible to users in the United States, but they are working hard to make it globally available in the future. Nevadans, Hawaiians, Coloradoans, Louisianans, Virginians, and New Yorkers may not be allowed to use the card.

The First Debit Card for a Specific Community

The XRP Mastercard-Debit card’s most distinguishing feature is its exclusivity, since it is only available to members of the XRP Army Community Group on Uphold who also own an Uphold wallet. The greatest distinction that separates XRP Debit Card from other comparable products, according to Paul, is the goal of empowering people and organizations rather than just releasing another Debit Card.

Individuals and groups are empowered at Globalid not only by the ability to create Cards, but also by the ability to “issue their own community-specific cards, allowing them to create their own merchant networks, reward programs, or even group funding mechanisms in order to leverage the group’s collective financial power,” according to Paul.

5% Back in Cash

The XRP Mastercard’s incentive scheme is, without a doubt, its most interesting feature. Holders of the XRP Mastercard will get 5% cashback on all of their purchases.

If you’ve ever tried to use a generic credit or debit card, you know that it’s not fun. That’s because many banks have made it very difficult to get a card that fits your needs. They will often require you to be a customer for a long time or even sign up for some sort of marketing program. Then they’ll compromise by letting you have a card that has an irritatingly high fee that you can’t offset with a discount.. Read more about xrp mastercard debit card and let us know what you think.

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