Impulseven is a decentralized platform for peer-to-peer transactions, allowing users to exchange goods, services, and funds, without the need to go through a third party. Previously, Impulseven was known as Coinage, but in 2018, the team will switch to a new name and a new, improved project. This interview will focus on the problems the company is solving with their current project.

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Amit Debnath, Lead Developer at Impulseven, a platform that allows users to earn rewards for watching videos and completing tasks. Impulseven’s structure is a little different than most of the chat bots we’ve seen in the past. The platform is built with a hybrid of a chatbot and a social network.

Thank you for taking the time to join me in this interview to educate our audience about Impulseven, Mr. Amit Debnath, Lead Developer at Impulseven. Could you give us a quick rundown of your background? What’s your backstory, as far back as you want to go?

I’m Amit, and I was reared in an extended family in…… India. I’ve had a strong interest in technology since I was a kid. Then, in college, I began to study technology in more depth. Following that, I enrolled in a Bachelor’s Degree program in programming, which I finished successfully in 2014….. We decided to create the Impulseven ecosystem with the help of a few other developers so that we could be a part of the Fintech revolution as a whole. In April 2021, we successfully released Impulseven’s first platform, the staking platform, and we will shortly introduce the Farming platform.

Why did you get engaged in the bitcoin business, and where do you see it in 5–10 years?

In 2015, a buddy introduced me to cryptocurrencies, and I’ve since joined the business and launched my own startup. Of course, one of the major reasons for my interest in cryptocurrencies was Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency. I’ve always wanted to create my own cryptocurrency and ecological system. When you consider all of the advantages that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency provide to the global economy, I am sure that the sector will expand substantially over the next 5–10 years. I should also point out that several nations will begin issuing their own CBDCs. However, the future seems to be promising.


That’s incredible. Can you now give us an overview of Impulseven and its history?

Impulseven is a project that was conceived by a group of developers in India, as previously stated. The Defi sector was exploding, so we decided to launch our own Defi project so that people could profit from our platform’s many offerings, such as farming, staking, lending, and more. It will be a very active Defi ecosystem that benefits users. The platform’s costs will be dispersed to users in proportion to the number of users it has. As a result, it will be a platform for and by users.

So, how did you become involved in Impulseven, and why did you do so? Did you notice a chance to fill a gap in the market early on?

Exactly, we’ve seen a need in the industry and a desire among our developers to create a defi platform so that others may profit from it. There are many benefits to utilizing a DEX rather than a CEX, including lower costs, increased speed, and more security. Furthermore, we have created a highly user-friendly platform to make the consumers’ lives easier.

What have been the most difficult difficulties for you and Impulseven since the project began?

The most difficult task was launching the project and developing the initial platform, Staking, which was released in April 2021. It’s worth noting that we invested our own initial money in the platform’s development. We have not used an initial coin offering (ICO) to generate funds. This demonstrates that we are serious about what we’re doing and that we’re putting our own money on the line.

It was difficult for me to handle the whole project, but I believe I succeeded, and we now have a pleasant and capable staff working on the project.


Understood. Now, what has been your greatest personal accomplishment, and what has been the most significant failure or setback in the history of the Impulseven?

The most significant accomplishment was launching our staking platform in April 2021. We have not yet had any failures, but we have encountered many difficulties. Our team has been putting in a lot of effort to take impulseven to the next level. Now we’re focusing all of our efforts on achieving our next set of goals.

What is Impulseven’s next move in the next 12–18 months?

The next stage will be to deploy all of our other platforms, as well as the AI-based Arbitrage Trading Chatbot, so that our customers may take advantage of very low rates and earn handsomely. We’ll expand into new markets and strive to expand our worldwide community.

Where can people help you with your company? Apart than that, thank you for your time — any closing remarks?

You may contact us using the following methods: (Telegram Community)

@impulsevencoin on Medium:

@impulse ven on Twitter ven is the company’s website.

Last but not least,

Impulseven will develop into a highly busy and vibrant Defi Ecosystem with many activities. Keep an eye on us and see how far we’ve come.

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