A lot of people are beginning to understand the power of cryptocurrency, but they don’t know how to start investing in the market. Some are going to try to create a portfolio of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and NEO, but they don’t even know what those coins are. What’s worse, some people who do invest in traditional stocks and bonds are even doing so incorrectly, and they are making bad investments.

This week the Dash Treasury added a new feature to our reporting tools. One of the most sought after features was the ability to connect with a certain pro-investor and ask him questions directly. This week we have a very special guest, James D’Angelo, a professional investor and the founder of Harmony (ONE), a new investment firm based on the Dash network. James is generous enough to offer to answer questions from our readers.

Harmony (ONE) is a cryptocurrency project that is seeking to improve access and use of cryptocurrency for everyone in the world. Harmony aims to bring financial services to the underbanked, the unbanked, and the unbanked migrants of the world by being the first open source decentralized wallet. The wallet can be used to store, send and receive cryptocurrency, and to manage a portfolio of cryptocurrencies.


What is harmony?

Harmony is a blockchain platform that allows developers to create decentralized applications. The Harmony blockchain claims to solve Ethereum’s congestion problems by introducing a new sharding-based blockchain that uses a single consensus algorithm. The system is designed to open the door to ultra-fast transactions and interoperability. With the Harmony blockchain platform, developers can create and scale intuitive decentralized applications or dApps that accelerate token exchanges between chains. Sharding turns the Harmony protocol into a powerful blockchain platform. Sharding allows the decentralized platform to evolve while maintaining security. The Harmony blockchain platform is a hybrid of Ethereum and Harmony’s unique platform solution. These qualities make Harmony the platform of choice for developers because of its growth and scalability. Harmony Bridge can be used for both decentralized funding (DeFi) and non-functional tokens (NFT). Developers will find familiar features in the Harmony blockchain platform: Both Ethereum and Harmony use the Solidity programming language and Ether.js – for developers, coding on Harmony will be similar to building a DApp on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can expect two-second transaction confirmation, as well as seamless exchanges between Harmony and the Ethereum blockchain.

What is harmony?

The story of Harmony begins with its founder, Dr. Steven Tse. Mr. Tse is an experienced cryptographer who was also one of the key developers of Google Maps. Driven by his passion for blockchain technology, Tse has developed his own programming language Min for creating blockchains. After developing Min, Dr. Tse founded Harmony in 2018 and raised over $20 million to develop the Harmony protocol. Harmony’s native token, ONE, was launched in May 2019 via an initial public offering on Binance (IEO).

What problem does Harmony solve?

Ethereum was the first blockchain platform to use smart contracts. As with any revolutionary technology, Ethereum-based smart contracts have faced some major problems. Ethereum’s scalability and 15 TPS (transactions per second) did not support powerful applications, including gaming and decentralized exchanges. Several solutions have been proposed to address Ethereum’s limitations, but they have not improved its overall efficiency. When a project solved one problem, another problem became an obstacle. A concept known as sharding has been proposed because it has all the properties to solve the scalability problem, the most common problem of the Ethereum blockchain. The first public blockchain to use this concept and solve the scalability problem was Ziliqa. However, the solution they propose is wrong for two reasons. First, the blockchain data storage was not separate. It can limit network participation to resource-constrained devices. Second, Ziliqa relies on Proof of Work (PoW) as a random generation mechanism, which can lead to a single-store capture attack. To address these challenges, Harmony has developed a next-generation sharding-based blockchain that is fully scalable. It is safe and energy efficient. The team develops protocol and network innovations to support the evolving decentralized economy. The core principles of Harmony’s vision are to increase the confidence of billions of people around the world and create a radically equitable economy.

What are the breakthroughs Harmony has achieved?

The Harmony System, optimally tuned, allows you to make a breakthrough in the following areas

  • Scalability: The use of a shard blockchain that allows the separation of network communication from blockchain state. This makes Harmony’s blockchain fully scalable.
  • Faster and more efficient consensus building: Harmony’s blockchain is based on the proof-of-stake principle instead of the proof-of-work principle used in other sharding-based blockchains, which makes it about 100 times faster.
  • Sequential and cross-sectional transactions : Transactions between shards are supported by Harmony, with shards communicating directly with each other. The atomic locking mechanism ensures consistency.
  • Secure sharding : Security is one of the top priorities of any blockchain. Harmony uses a distributed random number generator (DRG) method. It is unpredictable, impartial, scalable and verifiable.

What are the concepts that promote harmony?

Blockchain is based on four fundamental concepts that make it more efficient and secure. These include Harmony, sharding, inter-channel compatibility and DRG.

Harmony protocol

Each blockchain is connected to a consensus protocol. It is responsible for ensuring that blockchain validators reach the next block quickly and safely. Bitcoin works on the basis of the PoW (Proof-of-Work) consensus. The person who solves the cryptographic puzzle first gets to introduce the next block and wins a token reward. Another type of consensus is PBFT or Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance. In this case, one node is chosen as the leader and the others are validators. Harmony uses an improved version of PBFT called Fast Byzantine Fault Tolerance (FBFT). Harmony Consensus Validators are selected based on an efficient Proof of Acceptance (PoA), making the process much faster and safer. It also uses Variable Random Function (VRF) and Verifiable Delay Function (VDF) to verify randomness using validators in the network.


The Harmony blockchain is based on a sharding mechanism. Four types of shards are used: Beacon chain (shard 0), shards 1, 2 and 3. Each shard supports 250 inspectors, which means Harmony has an upper limit of 1000 network nodes. The blockchain boasts an error rate of 2,000 transactions per second (TPS), which is several times higher than the current Ethereum blockchain. It is claimed that each new shard adds 500 GST. The team aims for 2,000 shards to enable 1 million transactions per second on the Harmony network.

Inter-channel compatibility

This feature of the Harmony architecture opens up new possibilities. Bridges can connect any chain of PoW and PoS. FlyClient’s architecture is very gas efficient. Several digital assets worth tens of millions in Ethereum and Binance’s smart chains are protected by Harmony bridges.

Distributed random number generation (DRG)

Among all the proposed approaches for shard-based node allocation, random-based sharding appears to be the most suitable solution. In this case, a mutually agreed random number is used to determine the sharding allocation for each node. Number has properties like unpredictability, impartiality, controllability and scalability. Harmony uses VRF and VDF to produce scalable randomization.

Why should you use Harmony Blockchain?

Harmony announced a compensation plan in July 2020. It is offering $7 million to various developers to build the Harmony blockchain. It focuses on seven areas of development. The culture of decentralized applications (dApps), portals, ZKProof and community is part of the package. Harmony has released Horizon, a bi-directional bridge between Ethereum. Swoop, Horizon’s own decentralized exchange, was launched. These events have not made headlines in the cryptocurrency world, but are undoubtedly important for the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Using the Harmony blockchain and the team’s developed bi-directional Ethereum bridge is cheaper and faster. Exchanging digital assets now takes just two seconds and over 1,000 validators.

What is the Harmony ONE token?

This is the only token that keeps the entire Harmony ecosystem running smoothly. The For One and for All vision gave the name ONE. Harmony’s goal is to expand Open Consensus to more than 10 billion people. The Harmony One token is used to pay fees on the network and the Stack ONE to protect the Harmony blockchain. Participants are rewarded with tokens that they can use later. It is intended that the token will be used to manage the entire Harmony protocol. According to CoinMarketCap, the maximum number of ONE tokens is 12.6 billion, while their outstanding stock is 10.2 billion. Moreover, according to current statistics, approximately 441 million chips are minted each year. The token is available in both ERC-20 format on the Ethereum chain and BEP-2 format on the Binance chain.

How do I bid on Harmony One chips?

New examiners and delegates can easily join the Harmony network. The thresholds to become a validator and delegate are not very high. Harmony only requires a minimum bid of 10,000 ONE tokens from validators. These validators are the nodes that validate transactions and validate blocks on the network. If anyone would like to attend the event without having a full node, they are welcome as a delegate. They delegate their share of ONE tokens to the selected validator and receive a small percentage of the blockchain’s reward. The registration fee for delegates is 1,000 EEN coins. Time stamp verification is done using Epochs. Simply put, epochs are a set of 32,768 blocks in a tag string. They last about 18 hours.

What are the rewards for betting?

The reward varies according to the percentage of the ONE token used. It ranges from 164% annuity for a 5% interest rate to about 9% annuity for runners with a 95% interest rate. The ONE Tokens provided are subject to an activation period of approximately six days. Harmony has created a secure network that eliminates bad players. Any bad player caught duplicating autograph transactions will have their share cut twice. This means that about two-thirds of the rate disappears and the validator is removed from the network. Although the validator has a generous runtime extension. Each time a transaction is made, a portion of the Harmony token is burned. About 50% of the tokens collected through fines are also burned. The cycle repeats itself, and remarkably, the IDU is not deflationary. The burned chips are from the $441 million in annual rewards.

What is Harmony’s next step?

2021 promises to be a busy year for Harmony, with quarterly reviews coming quickly. After completing the white paper and getting the 2-second finality, Harmony will start working on Ethereum’s layer 2 endpoints. They are focusing on decentralized voting rights, the Binance Bridge, and $10 million in generosity. By the end of Q3, Harmony will be working on On-Chain Wallet, NFT and Bitcoin Bridge.

What open source developments has Harmony One launched?

There are many open source developments currently underway on the platform. It is compatible with bridges and on-chain wallets. The vision is to focus on implementation through the wallets of the chain. Harmony’s strategy and architecture include interoperability, partners, and decentralization. The interoperability front includes Ethereum gateway, Bitcoin gateway, cross-chain compatibility, atomic asset exchange and cross-chain communication. Harmony achieves decentralization through refocusing and rapid synchronization. Harmony is not yet fully decentralized, but one of its main goals is to become so in the near future. The third open development was completed on the 11th. May 2021 launch. If you want a custom subdomain, you can do it now with the Crazy.ONE project.

How to buy a harmonica (UN)

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Harmony – A must-have blockchain platform for super-fast transactions

Harmony takes up the idea of developing a level 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. It uses a sharding-based blockchain that leverages Harmony’s unique consensus. Transactions are super fast and much more energy efficient. With transactions completed in 2 seconds and fees 100 times lower, Harmony bridges offer ultra-fast and affordable exchange of digital assets. The Harmony ONE token drives the entire ecosystem. There are an estimated 12.6 billion tokens in circulation, of which 440 million are newly minted each year through Rewards. Making one token and putting it online is very satisfying. The team will release approximately $10 million in tokens as rewards in the coming quarter. In general, the Harmony protocol follows its own path and is designed to allow developers to create fast and efficient decentralized applications.Harmony (ONE) is a decentralized and autonomous platform to provide all the tools for protecting your privacy and assets. It includes a cryptocurrency and a wallet that allows you to store your tokens and manage them. It also includes a marketplace where you can buy and sell goods and services that use the tokens. And there is an app for mobile devices that gives you access to the marketplace.. Read more about harmony (one crypto price prediction) and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Harmony One a good long term investment?

Harmony is an ERC20 token that causes Ethereum to exceed 100 TPS, this means that any app or dapp on the Ethereum blockchain can be done with lower transaction fees as it is not limited by the speed of the Ethereum network. Currently, Ethereum is one of the most popular and largest networks on the internet, with over 100,000 different apps created for its blockchain. However, with the growing demand for faster transactions, the Ethereum network is becoming more of a bottleneck to speedier transactions, which will result in higher fees for the users. In the future, Harmony will be the organization of choice to make these changes. Harmony (ONE) is a self-governing cryptocurrency that was created in 2016, as a fork of NXT. It has grown into one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, and its many benefits continue to attract more and more people to invest in it. One of the main areas of interest is the fact that there is a limited supply of Harmony One, and it has been steadily increasing in value for many years, with a “halving” every 4 years, which helps to keep inflation low.

Can harmony reach $1?

Dash is a digital currency that was created to be used with payments, which has been growing steadily over the past few years. It is a decentralized currency that is managed by and only accessible to its users. This currency is not tied to any government, bank, or institution, and is not controlled by a third party. This means you don’t have to trust an entity to hold your money. The blockchain technology that keeps the system running is secure and incorruptible. Harmony (ONE) is a high-tech blockchain project that aims to create a better world for everyone. They believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of technology – the blockchain economy – without being excluded due to their financial situation.

How do I invest in harmony one?

Harmony (ONE) is a cryptocurrency that has been designed to be used by the entire world. This guide will cover the basics of investing in Harmony (ONE). For those that may not be familiar with Harmony (ONE), Harmony is a project based on the NEO blockchain. For those that are familiar with NEO, it will serve as a great introduction. Just a reminder, this guide will cover basic investing principles, in an effort to educate the public on the benefits of investing in Harmony (ONE). We hope this guide serves as a reference for those interested in investing in Harmony (ONE).

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