Metaverse, a blockchain platform that provides digital identity systems and smart contract platforms, has announced $50 million in Series A funding. This new round of investment will help the company to continue to build its ecosystem and grow their user base by creating more unique features.

The “coinfund metaversal” is a cryptocurrency that was announced by the company Metaversal. The company has raised $50 million in their Series A round.

Metaversal Announces $50 Million Series A Round



Metaversal, an NFT venture studio, has secured $50 million in Series A investment. CoinFund and Foxhaven Asset lead the round. 

Collab+Currency, Dapper Labs, Digital Currency Group, Franklin Templeton, Galaxy Vision Hill, Narwhal Ventures, NGC Ventures, Rarible, Rockaway Blockchain Fund, 6ixth Event Fund, Spartan Capital, Synthetic founder Kain Warwick, Theta Blockchain Ventures, and Trousdale Sarosphere were among the other investors in the round. 

Metaversal is a venture studio and investment business specializing in NFTs and metaverse curation. 

One of the company’s key aims is to “empower artists to produce evocative NFT projects and invest in the entrepreneurs, creators, designers, and programmers that are constructing the open metaverse,” according to its website. 

The company’s venture studio collaborates with content providers to co-create NFT ventures. During 750 NFTs have been bought by the firm over the course of its existence. Artists Osinachi and Dom Hoffman have created some of the most renowned pieces. 

Metaversal plans to utilize the freshly obtained funds to make further NFT acquisitions for its portfolio. It will also utilize the funding to promote “important firms” to the metaverse and to support its venture studio portfolio of projects. 

According to the firm, the “metaverse ecosystem is quickly rising to sustain a dynamic creative economy.” 

Metaversal’s CEO and co-founder is Yossi Hasson. 

“We are ecstatic to welcome some of the world’s most prominent blockchain and technology investors to our quest to invest in our culture’s limitless tales,” Hasson added. “At Metaversal, we achieve this by empowering the artists who are influencing culture and the Web3’s future.” 

CoinFund’s creator and CEO is Jake Brukhman. 

“Metaversal’s dynamic staff and integrated curation and investment methodology provide them with unparalleled insight into prospects inside this quickly expanding ecosystem.” “We’re looking forward to assisting them in developing a strong, platform-agnostic approach,” Brukhman added. 

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Austin Coinfund is a cryptocurrency investment fund that has just announced a $50 million Series A round. The company is looking to invest in the cryptocurrency market and will allow investors to diversify their portfolio. Reference: austin coinfund.

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