Peter McCormack has been dubbed the British Robinhood, a man who made over $2 million in cryptocurrency by investing in Bitcoin. Peter has also helped grow an online community of investors called “Bitcoin Ray” with investments ranging from Bitcoins to other cryptocurrencies and stocks.

Peter McCormack is a British entrepreneur who has recently acquired a local football club and revealed his agenda-with Bitcoin at its heart. Read more in detail here: peter mccormack interview.

Peter McCormack acquires a local football club and reveals his agenda–“with Bitcoin at its heart” to the EPL 

Peter McCormack, a well-known Bitcoin bull, recently announced that he has become the proud owner of Bedford FC, a local football team in the United Kingdom.

In a heartfelt Twitter thread, he explained how this purchase matches with a boyhood desire of bringing professional football to his hometown–and how Bitcoin would help make that dream a reality.

Like a Bitcoin bull, I’m going for broke.

McCormack highlighted his aspirations to build Bedford FC as a club with “Bitcoin at its center” in a fourteen-tweet thread, as well as some of the specifics of his optimistic agenda for the team.

NEWS: I am pleased to report that I have reached an agreement with Bedford FC’s existing chairman, Lui, to purchase the club.

There is a lot to cover in this topic, and I will try my best to do so. If you want to be followed, you should: – – Twitter: @realbedford – Website:

December 16, 2021 — Peter McLasso (@PeterMcCormack)

The first phase will concentrate on putting Bedford FC into the National League, with the second phase focusing on getting Bedford FC into the Premier League.

“Both stages need a distinct approach, but we must ultimately be commercially successful,” Peter concluded, and here is where Bitcoin, according to McCormack, joins the team.

“It’s all about winning games, and you need the finest players and managers to win games.” “You have to be economically successful to afford the greatest players and coaches,” he remarked as he explained his method.

“I will establish our club as the Bitcoin club, a team that operates on a Bitcoin standard,” McCormack said, adding that Bitcoin will be incorporated into every aspect of the team, from merchandise and sponsorship endorsements to an education training program for fans and community members, as well as open-source development opportunities.

Why should the enjoyment be limited to others?

“We have so much leverage,” the bull remarked flatly, adding that he knows everyone in Bitcoin, which will make “rallying the troops” simple.

“An army of 150 million Bitcoin holders and enterprises can be a part of this journey,” he asserted, noting that clubs the size of Bedford FC can usually only rely on a small community of supporters and businesses to generate cash.

McCormack has over 432 thousand Twitter followers, and his well-known Bitcoin podcast has over one million monthly downloads–and he’s more than eager to take use of his platform and audience.

“Allow’s not let FTX,, and Ryan Reynolds have all the fun,” McCormack said sarcastically, noting that 3.5 billion people watch the Premier League alone, which he hopes to utilize to promote the Bitcoin Standard.

Bedford, best of luck!



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