A cryptocurrency scam that may have cost investors tens of millions has been picking up the pace in recent days, with law enforcement agencies across the world scrambling to find evidence.

The “shiden coingecko” is a cryptocurrency that has been in the news lately. The “Police forces jump into AnubisDAO saga after $60 million ‘rug’” article discusses how the police force of a country has jumped into the AnubisDAO saga, and how it will be handled.

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AnubisDAO, which was launched last week in the middle of the “dog-coin” boom, has lost control of its liquidity pool, with $60 million in investor assets being drained in what looks to be yet another rug pull episode.

Following the allegations, Hong Kong and US authorities became engaged, with the suspect developer claiming to have been the victim of a phishing attempt.

Where did the $60 million go?

On Thursday, the group began its ANKH token sale on the Copper crowdfunding platform, claiming to be a fork of OlympusDAO.

It attracted investors quickly and collected $60 million, but the funds were quickly drained from the project’s liquidity pool. 

Accusations of rug pulling filled Twitter after the cash were stolen on Friday.

The crucial error, according to one of the DAO’s founders, Sisyphus, was handing over complete management of the liquidity pool to a single developer.

On Medium, he detailed the history of the occurrence, and on Twitter, he continued to provide updates.

Shortly after it became clear that the same wallet that produced the Copper launch had also deleted the liquidity, Hong Kong legal enforcement was informed. 

Meanwhile, Beerus, the suspect developer, claimed to have accessed a malicious link from a PDF, revealing the private keys used for the project’s liquidity bootstrapping pool (LBP) launch. 

According to Sisyphus, “the purported PDF phishing assault emptied all of Anubis’ money, while Beerus’ personal wallet funds remain untouched and within his control.”

“I can state with a great degree of surety that the Anubis rug was probably not a phishing attempt,” Sisyphus claimed on Twitter, adding that one of his staff members went rogue. 

Having to rely on the police

“Over the course of Friday, Beerus’ real-world information was compiled from a large number of sources and partially released to the public online through several Twitter channels,” Sisyphus continued, noting that in the meantime, the suspect developer went to the Hong Kong police and filed a police report, as well as handing over one PC unit.

Several US law enforcement agencies were notified of the heist on Saturday, according to Sisyphus, who, in the meanwhile, offered a 1000 Ethereum (ETH) reward for the stolen cash out of his own pocket on Twitter.

Please read below for confirmation that I am in contact with authorities in the absence of a case number that can be published to the public (perhaps tomorrow). https://t.co/jCgOwaq129

October 31, 2021 — Sisyphus (@0xSisyphus)

“I anticipate law enforcement to lead the way from here, given that the attacker has not yet returned monies despite the ETH reward,” he said, expecting that the authorities will follow through. 

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