The Quokka Empire is a decentralized project that aims to provide happiness and joy through virtual reality games. Their first game, The Quokka Kingdom: A Virtual Reality Game For Happiness And Joy, has been met with great success as people from all over the world have downloaded their app in droves. They’re on track for another successful launch later this year which will be followed by an ICO

The “what is nft art” is a question that has been asked by many times. The “Quokka Empire: An Innovative NFT Project That Brings Happiness to its Community” is an example of an innovative project that brings happiness to its community.

Quokkas are the world’s happiest creatures, recognized for their contagious grins and pleasant demeanor; yet, they have become endangered in recent years. The quokka population is up against a number of challenges, including people, predators, and even fires.

Through their NFT initiative, Quokka Empire is on a quest to bring back the charming and friendly Quokka. Quokka Empire is a collection of 9,669 quokkas, each with their own unique attribute, hidden on the Ethereum blockchain. The quokkas are kept as ERC-721 tokens, and your job as a player is to locate all of them and unite men and females to aid reproduction.

The Quokkas’ male and female genders add to the adventure’s appeal while also boosting the secondary market. Because it might be difficult to discern the difference between male and female quokkas on the NFT, the artists at Quokka Empire have designed particular qualities that guide the customer and help them tell the difference.

More than 200 customized quokka character qualities are available in Quokka Empire, each with a varied rarity level. Background, face masks, spectacles, body and attire, caps and helmets, and other factors influence these characteristics.

According to the team, this assures that demand is constantly strong, and that you, the player, do not have to worry about your worth fluctuating. Quokka Empire has no financial constraints or boundaries since it gives the gamer complete control.

Quokka Empire will also produce a webtoon series, merchandising, and video games. You are entitled for a part of the earnings if your Quokka is utilized in any of the projects.

The CEO of Quokka Empire emphasizes that with every quokka minted, a new milestone is unlocked, ensuring that the journey remains as enjoyable as possible while also helping to rescue more quokkas from extinction. As part of the Quokka awareness campaign, three fortunate winners will be taken to Rotten Island.

Part of the Quokka Empire’s secondary market revenues will be given to preserve genuine quokkas, as part of their mission to bring back quokkas and save them from extinction.

Quokkas formerly thrived in the area that is now home to a smaller colony of the endangered species. Some of the survivors fled Rotten Island and are now dispersed over the globe. The main issue is that they are separated and have ceased to reproduce. Quokka Empire was founded by a group of Quokka rescue lords and lovers with the objective of bringing back the cute quokkas and creating a community of die-hard quokka fans.

The team now has 9,669 quokkas in the form of NFTs, and mining will commence on Sunday, August 17th at 8 p.m. EST (updates may be seen here). The team’s long-awaited surprise once the 9,669 quokkas are rescued adds even more intrigue to the quest.

Despite its primary emphasis on quokkas, Quokka Empire is also concerned about the welfare of other endangered creatures as part of its aim to preserve them from extinction. They’re providing pleasure to the globe one quokka at a time while also giving the quokkas a whole new home!

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