As you may have noticed, there are a lot of faucets that pay in XRP directly. But how are they able to pay out so much in XRP without having to accept fiat? This is how: they don’t need to charge any fees for withdrawals (even though issuing new tokens costs some money) and they are able to pay out really large amounts of XRP thanks to the high interest rate that XRP has!

On January 1st, 2021, the supply of all digital currencies will be capped at 21 billion XRP tokens. The cap will be enforced by the XRP Ledger, and anyone who tries to dump their XRP tokens after the cap is reached will be punished by not being able to trade XRP tokens for the next three years.

Ripple has been getting a lot of attention lately, both for its digital currency (XRP) and its xRapid product. As a result, a lot of people are clamoring to invest in XRP and own some. Unfortunately, there are many scams out there. Even if you’re able to find a legitimate way to invest in XRP, you can still lose your money. This article will teach you five quick ways to make money from XRP and invest with your head, not your heart.. Read more about ripple test xrp and let us know what you think.

Many people are already familiar with buying Ripple (XRP) from cryptocurrency exchanges or trading platforms as the commonest method to hold the cryptocurrency. While this is completely a normal way to go, there are also several ways you can possibly earn yourself a free portion of the digital currency. Aside from using interest-earning platforms, you can legitimately earn from XRP cryptocurrencies in 2021 using XRP faucets.

First and foremost, let’s take a look at XRP’s market history before diving into the plethora of high-paying XRP faucets available in 2021.

XRP (Ripple) is a cryptocurrency developed by Ripple. 

Ripple, a blockchain payment firm headquartered in San Francisco, uses the cryptocurrency XRP as its native digital currency. According to statistics from Coingecko, the cryptocurrency was created in 2012 and is now the fourth-largest digital currency on the planet. The cryptocurrency’s market capitalization is about $20.6 billion, based on a circulating supply of 45,404,028,640 XRP. 

XRP-Faucets-2021-How-To-Earn-Free-XRP-LegitimatelyCoingecko’s XRP chart

Following the news of the US SEC charges against Ripple, the business behind it, the market price of XRP fell from as high as $0.6. The regulator said that the cryptocurrency is a security and that it should be registered with them. Some exchanges delisted the cryptocurrency as a result of the development, although it is slowly recovering popularity. Regardless, the XRP cryptocurrency is still accessible on major exchanges like Binance and, contrary to common belief, is still worth keeping.

Is it possible to earn XRP for free?

Yes. You may earn additional XRP coin via one easy method: XRP faucets, in addition to purchasing XRP through exchanges or trading XRP. This is a good option for people who wish to get into crypto investing but don’t have the funds to do so. XRP faucets are also a fantastic alternative for people who do not want to risk their money in crypto but still want to make some additional cash. Keep in mind that these faucets will not make you wealthy in a week, since large amounts of XRP may only be won by chance.

It’s also worth noting that you must complete specific tasks on the XRP faucets before being awarded with the cryptocurrency, which is typically in a modest quantity. XRP earned through these faucets may often be as little as 0.0005 XRP each action, which isn’t very appealing. With the price of XRP at $0.4207, you’d be earning around $0.00021035, which isn’t a lot but adds up over time.

What are XRP faucets and how do they work?

Simply stated, XRP faucets are websites or apps that provide users a certain quantity of XRP in exchange for completing a particular job or engaging in certain activities. These platforms aren’t limited to only the XRP cryptocurrency. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and other cryptocurrencies have their own faucets.

These crypto faucets earn money by displaying you ads in addition to generating visitors, so it’s a win-win scenario for everyone. They are completely free to join, and all you need is an account with them and, of course, a cryptocurrency wallet address.

Here are five (5) XRP faucets worth looking at.

1. (

If you’re searching for a well-known and reliable XRP faucet, is the place to go. It is well-known in the crypto world as the best method for anybody to earn XRP on the internet. 

Its platform has an amazing 500,000 users, demonstrating its reliability. You may earn Ripple every hour by participating in a variety of activities and polls. Referrals to may potentially earn you money. For the rest of your life, you’ll receive half of what your referral earns. This website’s minimum withdrawal is 1 XRP.

2. is a website where you can get free XRP.

This is another another XRP faucet where you may get free XRP every hour. Performing a range of tasks, such as game reviews and completing survey questions, may earn a user approximately 0.0007 XRP each hour.

If you don’t include a destination tag while withdrawing, you may as well lose all of your XRP! Every 30 days, cancels inactive accounts, therefore it’s critical that you collect your XRP, no matter how little, every three weeks.

3. is a website dedicated to cryptocurrency.

Although it does not offer XRP alone, is another excellent source to acquire XRP. It’s a multi-coin faucet that offers airdrops for BCH, XMR, LTC, DASH, and ETH, as well as XRP.

This site offers the opportunity to win XRP every 5 minutes, making it an excellent choice for people with a lot of free time. You’ll also get a quarter of anything their referral earns for the rest of their life. Before being sent to the site or a micro wallet, withdrawals from must achieve a minimum of 2 XRP. Many users also claim that the service pays quickly and that withdrawals are simple to do. is number four.

This is an XRP faucet where users may earn XRP by viewing short films, completing surveys, and recommending others to the site. Despite the fact that it is still a young website, it has grown in popularity among airdrop hunters due to the fact that it supports various digital currencies than XRP.

All you have to do after joining up is complete as many tasks as possible to earn up to 3 XRP. After that, you may withdraw funds to your wallet.

Xcolander is number five.

To begin earning free XRP on Xcolander, you must first establish an account. After then, since it is a multi-coin faucet, you may select XRP as your main currency.

After that, you must engage in a 15-minute roll to get your XRP. There are no fees associated with withdrawing funds from your Xcolander wallet.

What is the best way to store XRP?

As a newbie in the crypto world, you may be puzzled about how to keep your free XRP after earning it from the faucets. The majority of these websites have their own micro wallets where you may store your XRP temporarily. Microwallets are cryptocurrency wallets designed specifically for storing extremely tiny amounts of cryptocurrency, such as the kind you get from these faucets.

You may then move your XRP to an exchange or another wallet of your choosing from these wallets. Micro wallets are often accessible as soon as you log in to your account. Keep in mind that various sites have varying minimum withdrawal amounts, so if you don’t meet the minimum, you won’t be able to transfer your XRP to another wallet.


If you have the time and patience, using XRP faucets is an excellent way to make XRP. As previously mentioned, the XRP you earn from playing games and doing surveys on these sites may be little, so don’t expect to become an XRP whale overnight.

Faucets are ideal for novices since they need little technical knowledge and are almost risk-free. However, be wary of fake websites masquerading as faucets, since they may damage your money or device. You can go out there and start earning free XRP now that you know what faucets to utilize!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get XRP ripple for free?

You cant get XRP for free, it is not a cryptocurrency.

How do I get an XRP 2021?

To get an XRP 2021, you would need to buy a new card.

Is it worth investing in XRP 2021?

I am not a financial advisor.

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