Ripple has been on a bullish ride lately, but the crypto markets continue to be turbulent. Despite this, XRP is recovering against the dollar after last week’s tumble. The recent Bitcoin price correction has caused people to focus their attention elsewhere and many investors are jumping into altcoins as they search for stability.

XRP is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and has been trending up in price. The cryptocurrency’s recent rise has been strong despite Bitcoin being in a bearish zone. Read more in detail here: xrp price prediction $500.

XRP Recovers Strongly, Despite Bitcoin Being in a Bearish Zone

Many popular currencies are on their way to substantial gains thanks to a minor revival in the crypto market.

A Quick Overview of the Market

The Most Popular Cryptocurrency Throughout the week, Bitcoin has been rather stable, with lower highs and lower lows. This is a strong indicator that the market is now in bearish territory. It’s been like that for at least the previous 14 days. The week’s high point for Bitcoin was $49,500, with a low point of $45,500, a $4,500 variation. On the 14-day chart, Bitcoin hit a peak just over $50k and then dropped to $45, a move of barely $5k. The situation is not typical of a bull market, in which currencies make greater highs and lower lows.

The good news is that, despite a definite bearish trend, the market is recovering, which explains the public’s growing confidence in cryptocurrency. Crypto’s aggregated market valuation has increased by almost 5%, almost comparable to Bitcoin’s gains in a single day. The total market capitalization had fallen to $2.13 trillion at one time, but has now been restored to $2.16 trillion.

Analysis of the XRP Price

Ripple’s XRP has been one of the largest gainers among popular cryptocurrencies over the previous seven days. XRP is the fifth greatest gainer in the top 20 behind AVAX, LUNA, SOL, and MATIC, which have gained by 49 percent, 46 percent, 26 percent, and 16 percent, respectively.

XRP reached a high of $0.90 after creating a base around $0.75. XRP has gained 4% in the previous 24 hours, trading at $0.88. While the coin confronts resistance at $0.90 and $0.93 on the upside, it finds support at $0.85 and $0.80 on the downside.


Now, if the coin breaks over $0.93 and ends the day above $0.90, there is a good chance it will continue to rise. If the price of XRP falls below $0.85, however, it will find support at $0.80. If this barrier is violated again, XRP will be wiped out.

XRP is in an excellent position from a technical sense. The MACD for XRP/USD is presently gathering pace in the bullish zone, and the 4 hour RSI (Relative Strength Index) for XRP/USD is now well above the 50 mark.

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