XRP is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, and it has been known to have a volatile price. In recent months, there have been many rumors about Ripple’s future as well as its potential for increased adoption.

The xrp lawsuit is a case in which an individual filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs for the amount of 200 million XRP.

This 200 million XRP transaction was conducted between unknown wallets and is valued 47,639,857 USD.

XRPL is a Twitter bot that keeps track on significant XRP Ledger transactions. Within the last six hours, it has detected numerous XRP transactions in a row. According to the XRPL monitor’s report, a total of 200 million XRP was transferred in three massive XRP transactions.

These transactions took place between unidentified accounts. The wallet addresses involved in this transaction have been connected to the OTCBTC crypto exchange, which claims to be Asia’s leading OTC cryptocurrency exchange, according to statistics from the Bithomp website.


Institutional investors are expected to get interested in XRP.

More institutional investors are expected to take an interest in the third-largest cryptocurrency, according to XRP enthusiast @RobertArtRobArt. If this occurs, XRP’s market capitalization would reach billions of dollars thanks to institutional investors.

He claims that:

That was almost 60% when the market value was at $120 billion lately. 1% of Black Rock’s total assets 1% of the population Hundreds of billions of dollars will be invested by institutional investors. It will only be 1-20 percent of their capital, yet it will result in a market value of billions of dollars for XRP. Black Rock alone manages $7.4 trillion in assets. A tenth of a percent is $74 billion. That amounts to 30% of the current market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies. #XRP

Scott Melker has gotten money and claims that it works quickly.

One of the most prominent crypto traders, Scott Melker, claims to have been paid in XRP and claims that it worked extremely quickly. It didn’t take long for the money to arrive. However, he is of the opinion that he does not wish to be compensated in XRP. He did not, however, explain why he did so.

I’d also like folks didn’t pay me with $XRP.

March 4, 2020 — The Wolf Of All Streets (@scottmelker)

D.I.Y Investing, another crypto trader and investor, has declared his disinterest in XRP. He said that he is no longer interested in investing in XRP and has switched to ETH and XTZ instead.

XRPL Monitor Bot discovered a major crypto exchange in Asia made a transaction of 200M XRP. This is significant because it shows that the market for XRP is still alive and well, despite the recent dip in price. Reference: xrp vs xrpl.

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