Artificially intelligent bots are in the midst of a trend that invades nearly every online service. The latest to join this list is YetAi NFT, who has introduced an AI-powered bot on the blockchain. This new game will be able to collect digital assets and even trade with other players across platforms like iOS, Android and more!

The “ath crypto” is a project that is bringing AI to the Solana blockchain. The project will be using a neural network to help with transactions, smart contracts and other tasks related to the blockchain.

YetAi NFT collection is bringing artificial intelligence (AI) to the Solana blockchain

YetAi, an unrivaled NFT collection with over 90 qualities and 8.888 unique valuables, has revealed its intention to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) to the Solana blockchain.

The NFT project is the first of its type, with all NFTs created solely by artificial intelligence.

The date of the official launch is yet to be determined.

“Releasing these well-crafted, unique, and ultra-rare NFTs on Solana will enable potential holders with rapid, secure, and inexpensive gas transactions, thus incentivizing the YetAi community to acquire quickly,” the project said in its official release.

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December 30, 2021 — Solana News (@SolanaNews)

According to the myth, the Yeti tribe of Ketra tundra was reincarnated as YetAi when one of its members came into touch with the AI rune Visai–an occurrence that irrevocably transformed the Metaverse.

For minting YetAis straight from the tribe’s website or buying them on Solanart, the main NFT marketplace on Solana, a Phantom wallet will be necessary.

“We’re working on a series of YetAi goods and other goodies for a small group of members. In addition, a community is being built on the project’s metaverse land,” according to the release.

The date of the formal launch has yet to be determined.

The project’s long-term vision

To attract holders and community members, the initiative devised a number of features.

Exclusive access to community conferences, seminars, and private events, as well as one of the project’s most intriguing offerings–an AI crypto trading bot–will be available.

The bot will purchase and sell cryptocurrency for customers, easing the trading procedure for people who are unsure of their own market techniques.

Furthermore, YetAi intends to pay minters 70 percent royalty on future NFT sales.

The project’s token will be released in Q1 2022, with pre-sale and whitelist dates to be revealed later.

The tokens are intended to serve as a governance tool as well as a reward for NFT holders and a way to encourage further support for the project.



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The “selling nft” is a cryptocurrency that is based on the Solana blockchain. The currency has been created to help bring AI to the blockchain.

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